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06 Sep

With new workplace challenges and developments come new workplace conflicts, all having a measurable impact on productivity, profitability, workplace harmony, team performance and other important commercial metrics. 

"The Cutting Edge of Workplace Conflict" is a brand-new series that arms the modern business with global and local best practices, strategies and techniques to meet these challenges, and unlock their potential to unlock new workplace energy and measurable results. 

The four essays in the series are: 

1. Workplace conflict as productivity obstacle 

2. Team conflicts and diversity 

3. Successfully integrating artificial intelligence in the modern workplace 

4. Managing senior management workplace conflict 

The series will be presented here and across our various social media platforms over the next three weeks, with the first essay due to be published this Monday. 

Join us for this journey at the cutting edge of workplace conflict resolution. Send us your questions or comments to andre@conflictresolutioncentre.co.za 

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