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07 Aug


The Conflict Conversations is a blog run by The Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC), a national specialist conflict resolution consultancy, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The consultancy is headed by Andre Vlok, who practiced law (commercial and employment litigation) for more than twenty years and then built this specialized group who brings the following unique products to the South African dispute resolution market – 

  • Professional representation in conflict situations, especially workplace, senior management, political and family environments
  • Tailor-made team coaching in advanced conflict and negotiation technique and strategy
  • Dispute system design for the workplace and management teams
  •  Distance learning courses in advanced conflict negotiation and other specialist areas
  • Mediation

 The CRC has designed specific retainer fee options for all levels of clients, which ensures a cost-effective delivery of this unique, high-level solution system, with no contractual obligations or fixed term contracts from the client’s side. We are very confident in the products and services that we deliver, and we offer measurable solutions in important business criteria such as an increase in productivity and workplace harmony, and a decrease workplace conflict, legal costs, staff turnover, unproductive procedural attendances and many other. We use the very latest in international and national best practices, research and case studies, and our work is shared in a completely transparent and accountable manner with our clients. 

We have an extensive media profile and experience, with conflict series on several radio stations, regular television and radio appearances, a newspaper column series, nationally published articles and many other such national profile activities (comprehensive detail available on request). CRC and the affiliated consultancies, as well as Andre Vlok, have current and very active social media presences on Twitter and Facebook.   

All work done on behalf of clients are treated as unconditionally confidential and we have several internal systems designed to ensure such privacy and confidentiality. So contact us today for a confidential discussion about the solutions and collaborations we can bring to your biggest professional and private challenges. 

Contact details – Direct Mobile and whatsapp number – 073 548 0862 

Email address – andre@conflictresolutioncentre.co.za

* The email will not be published on the website.