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22 Dec

My book "Dangerous Magic" is now available for purchase through Amazon or directly via the publishers or myself, at either enquiries@paradigmcommunication.co.za or andre@conflictresolutioncentre.co.za 

Some of the initial reviews of the book include: 

Andre Vlok has written a brilliant book, summarizing the very best insights into the nature of conflict and the difficult, dangerous, magical process of resolution, while simultaneously translating them into South African history, conditions, and culture. Better yet, he applies his deep insights and wide-ranging wisdom not only to small-scale inter-personal and relational disputes, but to workplaces and organizations, and to South African society and culture. His book offers countless insights and practical techniques that can be applied universally, in every nation and culture. It is a tour de force – a gift. Read it, learn it, apply it, enjoy it.

Kenneth Cloke, mediator, and author of Mediating Dangerously and The Dance of Opposites.

Works like Dangerous Magic give us an unprecedented opportunity for all of us, professionals or not, to improve our conflict competency
Dr. Mark Szabo, Author, Fight Different, Founder, Center for Complex Conflict

Andre Vlok is both philosopher and pragmatist, a prophet that sees far into the future and yet remains so intimately a part of us. In "Dangerous Magic" he takes the contested spaces that define human existence and in his straight talking and truth-telling yet caring ways, helps us to navigate our collective discomfort with each other and with the multiple contextual conflicts that arise from being human. He guides us into deep conversations that build bridges and pathways to places of profound understanding and caring. But more so, Dangerous Magic is artistic and intelligent in that it helps us all to see those boundaries and possibilities that are necessary for the resolution of our conflicts. This book is a tool that is both revolutionary and normative in helping us in our call to transform the world around us. Dangerous Magic is about us, all of us, as we build beyond bitterness in order to become better.

Lorenzo Davids - The Justice Fund


A must-read for anyone seeking to learn mediation strategies.

Phumzile Van Damme, Freelance Consultant
Disinformation Combatting Specialist and Communications Strategy

Dangerous Magic comes at a time when our country needs more than ever to start resolving conflicts plaguing our society if we are to move forward in peace.

Mbali Ntuli , former MPL, CEO and Founder of Groundwork Collective

Clearly shows the author's vast practical experience in conflict resolution.
The different essays on the wide variety of conflict related topics shows clear insight and provide a novel approach to conflict resolution. The book is a breath of fresh air and is highly recommended for all actors involved in conflict resolution not only in the work place but also in the South African society at large where conflict seems to be part of our daily lives.
The book can be of great assistance to managers, employers, union officials, students and any person who wants to be part of conflict resolution.

Prof Paul Smit, Associate Professor: Labour Relations Management
North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus)

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